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Dal-Italia snack and lunch menu
Dal-Italia is more than just a place to buy unusual groceries. Alongside our ever-growing range of merchandise, we also offer sit-in snacks and light lunches.
In addition to this menu you will find blackboards that feature the specials and latest creations. It's always worth asking...
As far as possible, we keep to hand-made and home-made, genuine Italian or as local as we can get.
Polenta sticks
4 deep fried sticks served with aioli mayo
Soup of the day
Always available, often different, just ask...
Panino con bistecca
A lightly grilled fillet with rosemary basting in a bread roll
Panino con pollo
A grilled chicken fillet with garlic rosemary basting in a bread roll
Deep fried risotto balls with a cheesy centre served in pomodoro sauce
Caprese salad
Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and special vinaigrette
Chicken chorizo burger
A home-made chicken burger served with chips
Cheese with bread platter
Meat with bread platter
Cheese & meat with bread platter
Filled pasta pillows served with fresh home-made pomodoro sauce
Spinach, ricotta and parmizan
Pumpkin, ricotta, sunflower seed and parmizan
beetroot, ricotta, sunflower seed and parmizan
Chicken, porcini mushroom, ricotta and parmizan
Veal, porcini mushroom, ricotta and parmizan
prawn, ricotta and parmizan
crayfish, ricotta and parmizan
Pasta menu:
We make the fresh pasta right here, so we mean fresh. If you time your visit right you can actually see it being made, wait for it to be prepared and savour the difference of fresh pasta made by Italians!
We also make a selection of sauces including:
Creamy pomodoro
Creamy gorgonzola
Burnt butter sage
Creamy porcini mushroom
Piatto tagliatelle bolognese:
With SA beef and a home-made bolognese sauce
Piatto tagliatelle pomodoro:
Served in a pomodoro sauce made from imported Italian whole tomatoes
This menu is a guide to what is available only and may change at any time
All items and ingredients are subject to availability
Recipes may be changed at any time
Please inform the staff of any food alergies or restrictions
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