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Our Courtyard:
It's the end of a long journey that hasn't finished yet!
It all started 2 years ago really. We knew we wanted to make use of the space at the back but it had several problems. Firstly there was no proper roof, and what was there let rain shower straight through. Secondly, there was an uncomfortable slope to the floor.
When you visit, you'll find that these two problems are solved. We've added a new coat of paint to the walls to match the foundation colour out front. With the new tables and chairs, plus a little table decoration, for the first time since we opened you can begin to appreciate relaxing in the open space.
So, When will the journey end? Hard to tell really. We just know it's going to develop. Just like the Deli indoors has evolved, so will the courtyard...
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Evening Deli Dining - February:
There are a couple of dates in February that are special. One obviously is Valentines Day. But this year is little unusual. It's a leap year.
So we're open for evening dining an February 14, the following Friday February 23, then again the following Thursday February 29.
The Deli WhatsApp group is the thing to belong to if you want to keep up to date with the Deli goings on.
When you call in ask one of the staff, they be glad to add you to the group.
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