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Dal-Italia Deli products

Dal-Italia is an Italian family owned deli. We aim to stock only genuine imported Italian or local products made by Italians or using Italian methods. We favour home-made and hand-made products using natural ingredients.

The products we stock continually change subject to what is available. Many products, particularly fresh organics, are available according to season. With new products arriving every day, regular visits and careful browsing are highly recommended.

We list a guide to our extensive product range. To help you decide what to take home, coffee or a glass of wine and a delicious serving of Deli Dining are always on offer to make your Dal-Italia shopping experience, a pleasure.

Dal-Italia pasta:
We make fresh pasta everyday, on our own machines in the Deli. We use a Duram wheat and semolina mix to get the real Italian colour, texture and flavour.
Dal-Italia pasta is available fresh, dried or frozen. We also make vegan and gluten free options.
We also stock a number of imported dried pasta varieties.
Lasagne sheets
Novelty styles (spirals & tubes)
Dal-Italia sauces:
Hand-made in our kitchen using secret recipes handed down from generations of Italian restauranteurs...
Porcini mushroom
...and more (subject to ingredient availability)
Fresh locally sourced, home-made bread, delivered every day...
Italian cuisine celebrates great cheese, so we always stock a wide variety. The list below is just a selection...
...and many more
Think of Italian meat and you immediately think of thin spicy slices. The list below is just a selection...
Salami (in various sizes, flavours and styles according to availability)
Veal (Real South African veal in various cuts. Deep frozen at source)
...and then:
As one customer put it, "a little of everything". The list below is just a selection...
Imported Tinned foods
Imported crisps, crackers and biscuits
Imported dried fruits
Imported sauces and spices
Imported and local sweets and chocolate
Imported and cakes and desserts
Always something new:
Not only is our product range continuously changing, but inside Dal-Italia is continually evolving also. Recently, for example, we added a walk-in chiller for our cheeses and meats. New machines and devices are planned for the future. So, as we say, regular visits and careful browsing are highly recommended.
This menu is a guide to what is available only and may change at any time
All items and ingredients are subject to availability
Recipes may be changed at any time
Please inform the staff of any food alergies or restrictions
Dali-Italia disclaimer